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The CAID Implant Team attends the Landmark Conference by Nobel Biocare


Gothenburg hailed a success as Dr Fibishenko meets Prof PI Branemark, founder of Osseointegration and dental implants, as they reflect on the past and look to the future of dento-facial rehabilitation with osseo-integrated implants.


Alex Fibishenko


Dr Fibishenko along with our CAID Implant Team were among the 14 delegates from Australia and New Zealand to attend the landmark conference by Nobel Biocare in Gothenburg, to celebrate 60 years since the discovery of Osseointegration, the ability of bone to bond to titanium.


Attended by some of the world experts in the field, and many of those responsible for the development of modern dental implant technologies and techniques, the conference was a platform for sharing ideas and methods that are significant to achieving predictable and aesthetic results in our everyday practice.


Prof Branemark was inspirational, and summarized what we all aim to achieve for our patients as dentists and implantologists: "No one should die with their teeth sitting in a glass of water"


Please click below to watch video snippet.



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