ALL-ON-4 Dental Implants Costs

All-On4 costs at All-On-4 clinic start at AUD$17,800 (see table below).  This is using the standard protocol involving immediate provisional teeth withb the more common denture conversion method, which requires future conversion to a final restoration. However at All-On-4 Clinic we offer our unique All-On-4 Plus FINAL option, where the FINAL teeth are actually inserted within 24 hours.

This involves All-On-4 Clinic’s unique system, developed by its founder, Dr Alex Fibishenko, and is only available at the published rate though one of our official dental implants centres.


All-On-4 Treatment Fees:


The FINAL teeth option is also popular with patients from many parts of the world who travel to seek treatment at an official All-On-4 Clinic, because they can return to their home without having to travel again for more restorative procedures. ,The general maintenance is simple and can be undertaken by any local dentist or hygienist.

Every patient is slightly different and has unique needs, and it is impossible to ascertain suitability or the exact treatment or cost without an assessment by one of our dental implant experts. We provide every patient with a detailed plan and quotation at their consultation.

We fully understand that implants may not be affordable to every patient, but those who do undertake these treatments certainly find great value in being able to enjoy not only a great smile, but improved confidence, ability to eat all foods, and overall an improved quality of life.

At All-On-4 Clinic we provide additional value by offering the following:

  • immediate teeth that are final
  • using the longest researched quality implants that have a 15 year components warranty
  • performing the surgery under General Anaesthetic with specialist care
  • performing all stages of treatment under the one roof; and, 
  • offering the highest level of expertise with a demonstrable track record of success.

Apart from our policy of maintaining our position as leaders in terms of the value that we offer our patients, we also have various finance options to make it more affordable and help more Australians ditch the idea of dentures.

We also offer an All-On-4 Plus ZIRCONIA option, which enables an upgrade from the final teeth to Zirconia-Porcelain layered teeth, which have unsurpassed durability and aesthetics. The upgrade cost from our FINAL teeth option is $9,500, and is only available at this price for patients who undertake their original surgical treatment at an official All-On-4 Clinic, within 8 years of their original treatment.

We see amazing transformations on a daily basis, and after treating many thousands of patients our entire team absolutely thrives on seeing the effects that it has on our patients lives and self-esteem as well as the additional positive impact it has on their families.

Some of the best “Afters” come from the worst “Befores”. 

We see patients who have no remaining teeth, as well as patients affected by severe dental neglect as result of fear of the dentist or poor lifestyle choices. Our clinicians and staff are non-judgemental, empathetic, compassionate and will immediately put you at ease.

Explore your options by taking the first step and making an appointment for a consultation. The consultation fee is $130, and you will receive an obligation-free quotation with an outline of the required treatment for you to consider with your partner and/or family.

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